New South Wales Police Officer With PTSD Stalked By Insurance Company Metlife

Amy Shaw is a former New South Wales Police officer battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While there are over a thousand of officers in Australia with PTSD, hers and the case of 300 other officers is unique.

The Ugly Underbelly

New South Wales Police Force officer Amy Shaw at the graduation ceremony in 2006.
New South Wales Police Force officer Amy Shaw at the graduation ceremony in 2006.

Ms Shaw saw the very ugly and scary side of the world that civilians nearly never see; she was exposed to murders, suicides, sieges, domestic violence assaults and fatal road accidents.

What pushed her over the edge was the case of a woman who was shot dead by her violently abusive bikie ex-husband just as Ms Shaw was helping her flee his murderous plans

NSW Police officially recognised she was ‘Hurt on Duty’ when she left the force with work-induced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Ms Shaw was officially diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety and OCD. Seven psychiatrists – including one employed by MetLife – agree Ms Shaw has PTSD.

We’re police officers who served our community and developed PTSD through protecting others. It’s so insulting to be treated this way – forced to fight for our entitlements, surveillance officers spying on our kids, our health suffering further at their hands while we attempt to simply survive each and every day.

Despite that, Ms Shaw is fighting a new battle. She has been trying to claim a payout from insurance giant MetLife for a total and permanent disability that does not allow her to work for almost three years, 


Despite Ms Shaw and other officers paying the premiums on time, MetLife is actively refusing to pay out compensations, citing bureaucratic processes to deflect the issue. Ms Shaw took to the Internet and explained the reasons for petitioning MetLife to approve her claim:

I broke after being exposed to murders, suicides, brawls, sieges, domestic violence assaults and fatal accidents. The NSW Police Force recognised me as ‘Hurt on Duty’ and I was medically discharged with PTSD. But 2 years on, police insurer MetLife still won’t pay my claim! 

We urge you to support Ms Shaw by signing the petition at – it will only take you a minute but will have a measurable impact.

Surveillance and Stalking

To make matters worse, MetLife’s hired goons have put her and her family under surveillance to film and photograph her and her family in an attempt to discredit her claim.

She said surveillance officers had trailed her from the house where she lives with her husband and two young daughters.

One of the photos taken by MetLife of the Shaw residence
One of the photos taken by MetLife of the Shaw residence

‘I am pretty paranoid and I am much more reluctant to leave the house because I think there is someone out there with a camera.’ she said. ‘I feel unsafe around my own home.‘ 

It should go without saying that the constant surveillance and stalking are very detrimental to her recovery.

I don’t know how much longer I can take it. My life’s been destroyed and my family is falling apart.

The MetLife surveillance logs include the observations from foot patrols or cars sitting off Ms Shaw’s house.

MetLife said it ‘uses surveillance sparingly and only when necessary to confirm what may be conflicting evidence’.

Ms Shaw said MetLife had stopped communicating with her. ‘I feel as if they are just waiting and hoping I’ll drop off and forget about it,’ she said.

Appealing  to the Premier

Premier Mike Baird hasn’t spoken out against MetLife’s treatment of ex-cops or offered any help. True Blue Line’s requests for comments were unanswered.

If you can, please leave a phone message with Premier’s office asking him to intervene in Metlife denying injured officers. The phone number is 02 9976 2773, fax 02 9976 2993, and email:

You may also be able to use the contact form, however, phone and fax are the preferred options.

Additionally, leave a message on Premier’s Twitter timeline at

We are following this case closely and we will publish new developments as they happen. Ultimately we would like to see a positive outcome as soon as possible, that is, MetLife honouring their contractual obligations.

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