New South Wales Police Force “Class 326” Graduates – 105 New Recruits Ready For Duty

More than 100 new officers joined the ranks of the NSW Police Force on Friday, December 11. The 105 recruits were sworn in at an attestation parade at the NSW Police Force Academy in Goulburn.

They will begin work in their local area commands as probationary constables from Monday, December 14.

The officers will then complete 12 months’ on-the-job training and study by distance education with Charles Sturt University before they officially graduate with an Associate Degree in Policing Practice, and be confirmed in the rank of constable.

NSW Police Force Commissioner Andrew Scipione said he could not be more proud of the 82 men and 23 women.

“It is no small feat to have met the requirements of the police training program; it is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding,” Commissioner Scipione said.

“With that behind them, the new officers are about to embark on a career that will be filled with challenges and rewards.

“I am confident they will approach their new roles with dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism,” he said.

The students of “Class 326” hail from a diverse range of countries, including not only Australia, but also Brazil, England, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa and Venezuela.

Seven of the new recruits identify as being from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

They are diverse in other ways, too: the youngest officer who attested today is aged 20; the eldest is 39. For some, it’s their first job; others have come to policing from an earlier career. Many come from Sydney, but there are also recruits who grew up on the South Coast Coast, Northern Tablelands, Blue Mountains, Canberra, Goulburn and Wagga Wagga.

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