Mastering Social Media Helps Tasmania Police Solve Crimes

Tasmania Police have turned to social media to solve crime, and with a recent string of arrests thanks to information shared on Facebook, the new approach is proving a great success.

From its Wanted Wednesday series to humorous posts about police on the beat, the Tasmania Police Facebook page has attracted more than 100,000 followers since 2013.

Assistant Police Commissioner Donna Adams said it had become a crucial tool in the fight against crime.

“It’s extremely important,” she said.

“We have 20 per cent of the Tasmanian community following our page and that is … far greater than any of the other states across Australia.

“The research will tell you that a member of the community will only make contact with a police officer once every seven years.”

“Facebook allows us to have daily engagement.”

Serious offenders have been arrested within hours of committing a crime thanks to information shared on Facebook.

Social media expert Ryan Shelley said Tasmania Police had taken a very effective approach to engaging the community.

“As long as they continue to monitor their audience, monitor their response and tailor their message as the wants and needs of their audience change, they’ll be able to keep up the good work that they’re doing,” he said.

Police have said people with information should still contact them directly through Crime Stoppers.

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