Holidays in New Zealand: 373 Crashes, Road Toll At Four


The road toll now stands at four after a cyclist died from his injuries following a road accident in Ranui, West Auckland, on Christmas Day.

The man was taken to Auckland Hospital after falling from his bicycle on Swanson Rd about 2.30pm. He died yesterday.

A person died in a three-car crash on State Highway 1 at Oakleigh, near Whangarei, on Christmas day and two died in a Boxing Day crash on State Highway 1 near Tokoroa.

Since the start of the official holiday road toll there have been 373 crashes on New Zealand roads.

The most recent crash was at the intersection of SH28 and SH5 in the South Waikato District. Three vehicles were involved and ambulance dealt with a total of 10 patients, one of whom had serious injuries.

They all went through to hospital with ambulance.

This year’s toll is currently on par with last year and police say they are “cautiously optimistic” there’ll be fewer deaths this festive season.

National road policing manager Superintendent Steve Greally said he was pleased the toll wasn’t any worse than the 2014/15 period but said: “one life was even too many”.

Read more at New Zealand Herald.

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