Exclusive Report: Revealing How Police Use Social Media To Subvert Your Choices

We reveal how Police use Twitter and Facebook to change human behaviour. The following list is a proof that our Police can make an impact in our lives.

Apologies for the click-bait title. We didn’t want to stoop down to the tabloid level but sharing information on the dangers of alcohol and drunk driving is extremely important and we need your help. Whatever it takes, the more people we can reach, the better. The more of these images you can share, the better. Can we save at least one life?

Here is a collection of the different types of messages Police, NGOs and smart thinking Twitter citizens use to warn and shock and about drunk driving.

Bloody Idiot!

Transport Accident Commission Victoria launched the “Bloody Idiots” campaign before Christmas 2011 to underpin the police enforcement activity cement in Victorian motorists’ minds the very real potential outcomes of drink driving and the potential consequences on not just the driver, but other road users, family and friends.

Earlier in 2009, TAC Victoria produced “Never”

Choose Your Ride

Think! Campaign

What Will It Cost You

All Tucked In

Drug Driving

Sexual Assault

It’s The Law

Deadly Choices

Please talk to your friends, share these messages, and perhaps together we can change people’s attitudes.

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