When Citizens Force The Police To Resort To Using Force


From a letter to the Ledger:

Thanks to the president, his former attorney general, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and their ilk, a once great America is currently approaching lawlessness. Increasing murder and other crime rates seem to coincide with attacks on law enforcement officers. Gee, what a coincidence.

These attacks are for nothing more than the officers doing their job. When citizens force law enforcement to resort to force to neutralize a situation, guess what, it isn’t always pretty. But that doesn’t equate to “improper,” “wrong,” “outrageous,” or “egregious.”

That notwithstanding, every recent event captured on video and distributed by news media all have a common theme, which is a citizen or citizens refusing to comply with lawful and legitimate law enforcement requests. So, when that occurs, the people to blame for the anti-police atmosphere would have law enforcement simply throw up their hands or shrug their shoulders and say “OK, never mind, Mr. or Ms. law-violator.”

Or law enforcement officers can do their job, again, which can be real ugly and then risk being excoriated, demonized, victimized and fired.

The South Carolina sheriff did just that to his deputy, who did nothing wrong. That sheriff’s comments sound a lot like former Polk County Sheriff Dan Daniels, who was well known for his incompetence and less than positive view of his deputies.

Americans need to pick their side, law and order or lawlessness, and then support your team. Personally, I’ll take law and order.

Eddie Ray Church


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