Victoria Police Warn On Sophisticated Cyber Predators

Police are warning parents that cyber creeps are getting more sophisticated in their grooming techniques and that assaults of underage children are occurring within weeks of their first online contact.

But offenders who do hook up with under-age girls met online are often escaping a jail sentence, or being sentenced for terms just a fraction of the maximum available.

The advice to parents is clear: Get actively involved in what your children are doing online, says cyber safety expert Susan McLean.

And new figures reveal the extent of the problem with 28 per cent of children admitting to engaging in “risky online behaviour”, and 3 per cent arranging to meet online strangers face to face.

The Victoria Police warning comes as Broadmeadows schoolgirl Roukaya Feneiche, 13, has been missing for four weeks.

Police believe she may be travelling with a 25-year-old man called “Anthony”.

“I believe she met him on Facebook a couple of months ago,” Roukaya’s distraught mother, Sarine Feneiche, said.

“I don’t think she could perceive the kind of danger she’s in.”

Roukaya was intelligent, kind and “very naive”.

“She’s not in any trouble, we just want her to come home,” said Ms Feneiche.

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