This Is What Police Have To Deal With

An Ashmont boy, 14, had this to say when police were considering giving him bail after his arrest for larceny: “Don’t give me curfew bail because I’ll breach it.”

Police facts tendered to Wagga Children’s Court after the boy pleaded guilty to larceny overflowed with their frustration at the attitude of out-of-control offenders.

“The young person has been charged multiple times in regards to aggravated break and enters, larceny, break and enters, goods in custody, take and drive conveyance, malicious damage, drive unlicensed and breach of bail,” the facts said.

“The young person has also been dealt with as a juvenile a number of times under the Young Offenders Act with three cautions and three conferences.

“The young person is suspected of being involved in the current spate of break and enter offences being committed in the Wagga Local Area Command.

“Since the start of September, 2015, there has been over 200 break and enter offences in the local area.

“The accused has shown little regard for the community which he is meant to be a part of.

“Police believe given his past history in regards to numerous breaches of bail that he will not abide by any conditions set and will continue to reoffend.

“The mother of the young person has little to no authority over the young person and in relation to events this morning (editorial note: The larceny offence) she stated she had ‘had enough’ and refused to attend the Wagga police station as a support person.

“(the mother) does not know the whereabouts of the young person.

“(the mother) has allowed the co-accused and other wanted offenders effectively to hide out at (her house) knowing that they are wanted by the police.

“These people have undoubtedly had an adverse effect on the young person and influenced his offending.”

Police facts for another teenager who committed numerous offences after lobbing into Wagga said: “The young person has been charged on 12 previous occasions for breach of bail, assault police, traffic, carried in stolen conveyance, use offensive weapon, drive stolen conveyance and property damage.”

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