Terror in Adelaide: Response Training Scenario Similar To Paris Attacks

A terror training exercise in which more than 200 people ‘died’ in twin Adelaide attacks was conducted almost a year ago, in circumstances strikingly similar to the Paris massacre.

Government documents obtained by The Advertiser under Freedom of Information laws, reveal the nightmare scenarios Australian anti-terror authorities must be prepared for.

The documents, from the Department of Premier and Cabinet and SA Police, reveal details on the two mock attacks in Adelaide last year, in which more than 200 people died, dozens more were injured and up to 355 people held hostage.

The exercise, planned over 12 months by the Australian-New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee, reacted to strikingly similar events to those in the French capital, in which terrorists killed 129 people.

Last December’s multi-agency counter-terrorism drill, named Joint Command 2,tested responses to an atrocity at various Adelaide locations. It involved SA Police and various state and federal agencies.

The documents show how the Police Commissioner would hand over control to federal authorities, if South Australian officials believe they cannot resolve the incident.

The army would then police streets and soldiers allowed to use “lethal” force, the documents state.

But one document was kept secret because it would “reveal very specific details” about policing and critical “prevention, detection and investigative tactics”.

The first scenario involved two bombs exploding at 9am outside an Indian and Bangladesh World Cup match attended by 40,000 fans at Adelaide Oval.

Evacuating spectators are then confronted by two gunmen with semi-automatic rifles, who randomly shoot fans. More than 200 people die and dozens more are injured. The terrorists are shot dead by uniformed police.

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