SA Police and Motoring Groups Want Cyclists To Pay the Same Traffic Fines As Drivers

Cyclists should pay the same steep traffic fines as drivers, say police and key motoring organisations.

Under current regulations, cyclists are only fined $54 for offences such as running a red light — while motorists are hit with the full $437 impost.

Police have called on the State Government to review the regulations so cyclists and motorists are equally penalised for the same traffic offences.

The Government said it would review the penalties imposed on cyclists if riders’ “behaviour’’ warranted it. The RAA and the SA Freight Council said they supported the police call for a review.

In response to recent changes to cycling laws, police said the fines for cyclists, such as breaking rules for riding on footpaths, did not reflect the “obligation’’ riders had to share the space with pedestrians and other cyclists.

Police said in their submission to a Citizens Jury — which suggested law changes that came into effect last month — that penalties had been increased in Queensland when similar changes to cycling laws were introduced there earlier this year.

Read more in Herald Sun.

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