Queensland Labor ‘Goes Soft On Crime’: Cuts New Station and Patrols in Pacific Pines

Pacific Pines – the Gold Coast’s fastest growing suburb will not get a police station and weekend patrols by two officers based at the neighbourhood beat are unlikely to resume.

Labor is being accused of “going soft on crime” after it made promises in the lead-up to the January State poll to consider a permanent police base at Pacific Pines.

Note that the station was an election promise – these are hardly kept these days. Don’t rely on promises next election. At the same time cutting the police patrols in unacceptable.  ~ Editor.

Residents in the suburb, which boasts a growing population of more than 16,000, are furious, saying it is like leaving a provincial town at its most vulnerable moment without the secure back-up of police on the beat.

Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller said a feasibility study into a police station had been completed.

The study considered the area’s growth, crime and safety issues, calls for services and facility requirements, but “did not support the progression of a new police station at Pacific Pines at this time”.

The Minister’s office late yesterday was seeking advice on whether the results of the study could be released.

Gaven MP Sid Cramp had written to Ms Miller asking for the research to be made public because the issue was critical for residents in Pacific Pines, Park Lake and Maudsland.

He said residents needed to be “informed of the reasons why you do not support a new police station given that during the election the Labor Party based their campaign around this very issue”.

The latest Queensland Police Service crime map shows about 39 incidents in the suburb in the past month but residents maintain the rate has been dropping due to a handful of officers working from a home converted into a neighbourhood beat.

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