Managers and Police Cracking Down on Schoolies’ Selfies Craze

The new craze of “rooftopping” and taking outrageous selfies on highrise balconies will be the biggest safety fears at this year’s Schoolies, with building managers and police to crack down on dangerous stunts.

Breaking News For Schoolies: Suicide May Be Deadly.

Strata Community Australia, the peak body representing body corporates and managers, has issued an alert to Coast high rise managers on the eve of the annual Year 12 celebrations, calling for a zero tolerance policy on dangerous stunts.

Managers are being advised to secure rooftops and tell schoolies they will be evicted if caught on top of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach high rises, as 30,000 students prepare to party on Saturday night.

“It’s the emergence of new crazes like rooftopping that are posing the biggest threat to safety in strata communities, as revellers go to the extreme and often dangerous lengths to get the best photographs,” SCA chief Kim Henshaw told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Read more at Gold Coast Bulletin.

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