Gun Holster Used To Rescue Retired Police Dog After Three-hour Ordeal Stuck In Hole In WA’s North

A grim end was looking likely for an ageing retired police dog which had fallen into a rocky hole on a Pilbara fishing trip, until a resourceful police officer was able to adapt his gun holster to make an unlikely rescue.

It had been looking like a good day out when the dog’s owner, Cortlan Bennett, landed a nice-looking fish on the rocky groyne at Point Samson, on the Pilbara coast.

Mr Bennett pulled the fish onto the rocks, but it came off and fell down between a gap in the rocks.

What started as a minor annoyance quickly escalated into a serious problem for Mr Corbett’s 14-year-old Alsatian, Indi.


The gap in between the boulders just happened to be the perfect size to get an unbreakable hold on the unfortunate dog.

Attempts to pull the dog out by scruffs of skin caused the frightened animal to bite the hand of his owner.


Realising he needed help, Mr Bennett called police at the nearby Roebourne station.

When they arrived half an hour later, they realised there was no simple solution to rescuing an Alsatian prone to biting its rescuers.

“It was pretty clear to them that it wasn’t going to be easy to get him out either, so they called in the fire brigade,” Mr Bennett said.

It was really a stroke of genius for this officer to just look down at his thigh and go, ‘Yeah, why don’t we use this as a muzzle?’ Roebourne police officer Jay Ravat was struck by inspiration.

“He sort of looks down at his gun holster… and there’s an elastic band that holds the weapon to his thigh,” Mr Bennett said.

It was almost fitting that in his twilight years, and in his hour of need, the police returned the favour.

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