WA Police Union Renews Calls For Officers To Be Armed In Court


Existing security measures have been shown to be “working” through the response to a man who brought two knives into Perth Magistrates Court, WA’s attorney-general says.

The West Australian Police Union has used the incident on Tuesday afternoon to renew its call to overturn the ban on police carrying firearms, stun guns, pepper spray, batons and handcuffs in court.

“But there’s resistance from that occurring,” WAPU president George Tilbury told reporters. “We’ve been lobbying government for that change since January this year. The attorney-general and the premier will not be moved.”

“Things need to change for the safety of police officers and the community.” Mr Tilbury said a man brought a kitchen knife and a hunting knife through the security checkpoint on Tuesday and was chased by unarmed security guards into the toilet area.

Armed police were then called.

Read more in The Daily Telegraph.

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