WA Police Officers Want To Carry Guns In Court As Union Lists Spate of Attacks


WA Police want to follow the precedent set by NSW and be allowed to wear guns and other weapons in court.

The police union says the push to lift the ban on carrying firearms, tasers, pepper spray, batons and handcuffs in court has been long-running, but intensified since the terrorism alert was increased to high. It also issued a list of examples of violent incidents suffered by its members in and outside courts (see below).

“The fact our members cannot wear their accoutrements in court complexes causes a great deal of angst, raises concerns about the lack of secure storage for lethal weapons, and makes police soft targets,” union president George Tilbury said in a statement on Friday.

The police union has supplied PerthNow with a list of examples of threatening behaviour at Perth courts:

  • A police prosecutor was walking to the Supreme Court and was punched in the head, causing her to fall to the ground.
  • A man assaulted two officers attending court to give evidence against his father. He hid behind a wall and attacked the officers from behind by punching one several times and striking the other to the head with a book.
  • A man sitting in the back of a court removed a large fishing knife from his case and started cutting his left arm saying to the magistrate, “How much blood until you listen to me?” The man was later found to hold three knives and a pair of scissors.

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