Victoria Police Won’t Cop Ashley Madison Strife

Victorian police who used their work email addresses to access online dating site Ashley Madison won’t face disciplinary action. Ashley Madison is not an ordinary dating site as it markets itself as a site for cheaters. Earlier this week, hackers stole the details of the site’s users, including names, email addresses, credit cards and other very sensitive information.

Perhaps the most damaging is the site user’s spouse finding out about it. Sleeping on the sofa tonight? Find the best deals here  😉 .

A police spokeswoman says the organisation is aware a small number of email addresses of those who used the site have been posted online.

“Employees are advised to demonstrate due care when considering the information they place on such sites to reduce the risk of such information being accessed by an unintended audience and/or for unintended purposes,” Victoria Police said in a statement on Thursday.

“There is no evidence at this stage to suggest there has been any disciplinary breaches.”

Source: Yahoo! News.

Editor’s note: plausible deniability – anyone can register an account using someone else’s details. Just because someone is listed as a user, does not mean they’ve actually registered and instead are victims of identity theft.

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