San Francisco PD Finding Criminals On Instagram

Please, do continue posting incriminating evidence on Instagram. Thank you!
San Francisco Police Officer Eduard Ochoa is SFPD’s “Instagram Officer.”

“[Instagram] does help us tremendously in obtaining information from suspects,” said SFPD spokesman Officer Albie Esparza. “They post pictures of illegal activity. Some criminals even brag about it.”

That’s what led to the arrest of a 17-year-old who went by the Instagram username “40glock-” and was later charged with two counts of possessing firearms.

Officer Ochoa had been monitoring the minor’s Instagram account after becoming familiar with him as well as another man, Marquis Mendez, from prior investigations.

“I saw [the accused] and Marquis Mendez, all possessing a firearm at one point or another in these Instagram photographs. I knew [the 17-year-old] was on probation. I knew Mr. Mendez was a wanted felon and a prohibited person,” Ochoa said in a testimony that appeared in the court’s ruling.

The photos showed the teen with a gun tucked into the waistband of his pants. Maybe he just did this to get more instagram followers, but this would be the wrong way of going about it. It does, however, show exactly how careful you have to be when posting on social media platforms like Instagram. There is nothing wrong with posting lots of pictures and having lots of followers – in fact, according to in-depth reviews, it is possible to get even more followers by using a service like nitreo. Nevertheless, everybody needs to be aware that what they are posting can be seen by everyone and anyone.

The two men in question obviously weren’t aware of this. Based on the Instagram pictures, the officers decided to perform a probation search, where the suspects were detained – still wearing the same clothes they had been wearing in the Instagram photographs that Ochoa had seen earlier that evening.

Instagram photos often end up being used as evidence in court.

Read more in The Daily Telegraph.

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