Warning To Beware of Police Impersonators After AFP Badges Stolen

Police have been told to be on high alert for people posing as AFP officers after a break-in at a business that makes new badges for the force.

A warning was sent out to Victoria Police officers on Saturday morning after the burglary at AJ Parkes badge makers in Brisbane.

There are fears AFP badges which are made at the business, which is based in the city’s south west, might have ended up in the hands of criminals.

Police have been unable to verify whether or not any badges have been stolen as yet and an inventory of the company’s stock is expected to be completed tomorrow.

An alert sent to Victoria Police officers stated: “Members are advised to exercise extra vigilance when checking the badges of persons presenting an AFP identification badge.”

An AFP spokeswoman confirmed it was aware of the break-in but refused to comment further. To help ensure that badges such as these cannot be used even if they have been taken, it would be wise to replace normal badges with Face ID badges, so that if any criminals try and use them in whatever capacity, it would be near enough impossible as they do not match the face of the badge. These types of badges can be found on websites like InstantCard and can be made to the specifications required.

Everyone is hoping that in due course these badges will be found if they have gone missing, and that the people who have burgled this company are caught and brought to justice. As always, remain vigilant and ask for further ID to back up their current ID, if they do not present that, calling into the police station to give a description and a check is important as this means that they can be apprehended before doing this again.

Source: www.perthnow.com.au

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