The Ice Town Where Meth Use Is So Rampant It Has Been Nicknamed the ‘South Pole’

A disturbing interim report into methamphetamine use has revealed Australians consume more ice than any other country.

But the residents of one central New South Wales town aren’t prepared to wait for the National Ice Taskforce to act. They’re taking matters into their own hands.

The ice scourge is so bad in Wellington, population 4540, it has earned the nicknamed the South Pole.

“We all walk past drug dealers every day. You know, we’re related to drug dealers, we have associations with them, we love — we love our people … we just don’t love what they do,” Wellington Land Council’s Leanne Stanley told ABC’s 7.30.

“We’ve just become immune to it and that it’s not something that — it’s not like, ‘Oh, my goodness!,’ a big deal. It’s like, ‘Oh, there’s a syringe.’ Go and grab a bottle, what have you, to pick it up.”

Read more in The Daily Telegraph.


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