Sunshine Coast Man’s Gun Licence Revoked After Massive Haul Found

A Sunshine Coast man who had a cache of unregistered weapons will not get his gun licence back, after a tribunal ruled his “Christian values” were not valid reasons for the ban to be lifted.

Police found rifles, revolvers, shotguns and crossbows at his home in 2013, many of which were not licensed or stored properly, Fairfax reported.

The 29-year-old was found guilty of nine counts of unlawful weapon possession and fined $1200.

He then had his weapons licence revoked.

In a bid to get his licence back, the man appealed to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The decision is published here

The tribunal heard the man, known as CAT, was a devout Christian with a passion for hunting. He acquired the unregistered guns from his best friend, a recreational hunter who passed away from terminal illness.

However the tribunal also heard that the man’s ex-wife was “in fear” of him, that a loaded gun was found in his bedside drawer and that he allowed people without gun licences to fire his weapons on camping trips.

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