Side Effects of Marijuana Legalization: Canadian Company To Develop A Cannabis Breathalyzer

Since marijuana is being legalized in a number of states across the U.S. for recreational and medical purposes, the presence of a device that could measure the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in an individual has become the need of the hour. Weed is also being legalised in various other geographic locations. For example, canada weed, greenland weed are both picking up massively. And as legalization in places like Canada has allowed more people to buy weed online, the need for a marijuana detecting device has become necessary to ensure the safety of others.

Many people have perfectly viable reasons to be taking the product, of course. Many people opt to buy edibles online to help them treat chronic pain or anxiety, or a myriad of other valid medical applications. Some even choose to use it to assist with cancer treatments. Still, it is perfectly legal to partake even if your reasons are much less health-based than others in Canada. This means that there is a rise in people wanting to find ways to stop people driving under the influence, a task that is harder to regulate than with alcohol related offences.

Yahoo News confirms that a Canada-based firm, Cannabix Technologies, Inc., is in the final stages of developing such a breathalyzer device, which will be able to measure the THC levels. If you want to visit a headshop then you may want to check out Grasscity. THC is a psychoactive element present in cannabis. Cannabix hopes to become the first company to launch their product in the market before their competitors.

Read more in International Business Times.


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