Remembering the 7/7 Terror Attack That Shattered London’s Peace

Ten years on, to fully comprehend the shock of 7/7 on Britain, the wound it inflicted on the country’s psyche, you’ve got to remember the context.

In July 2005 the G8 summit had just opened in Gleneagles in Scotland, and the British government had promised historic help for struggling African nations – a global call to action against poverty.

Hundreds of thousands joined the Make Poverty History marches. In Hyde Park, the optimism-fest Live 8 concert was beamed (it was claimed) to two billion people around the world.

U2 played Beautiful Day. Coldplay followed, and Gwyneth Paltrow sat with adorable baby Apple in the front row as Chris Martin played Bittersweet Symphony with Richard Ashcroft.

There was Elton John, Bill Gates, Dido, REM, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Sting, The Who, Pink Floyd.

At the end, Paul McCartney led 200,000 people in Hey Jude, taking a sad song and making it better.

To top it all off, London won the right to host the 2012 Olympic games.

An almost dreamlike haze of euphoria swept the city. 

And the next day this summer of love was torn apart by hate…

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