Police Face Extreme Violence From Methamphetamine Users

The ice scourge is fuelling ­escalating attacks on our police, with almost three-quarters of officers assaulted on the job in the past three years.

The drug is having a dangerous impact on front-line members, making criminals more violent and giving them “superhuman” strength.

In one instance, seven officers were needed to restrain a suspect high on the drug. Even capsicum spray is often ineffective.

Police Association of Victoria research, based on the responses of more than 3500 serving members, shows 90 per cent believe violence towards them has increased since 2012 — and 80 per cent feel more vulnerable and at risk. In recent cases:

  • An ice addict put a policeman going to the aid of a paramedic in hospital for a week with head injuries;
  • Glass fragments injured an officer’s eye when hurled at him after a soccer match;
  • Four male offenders pushed two policewomen to the ground and assaulted them while trying to escape cells at a suburban police station;
  • dog handler required hospital treatment when hit in the head with a piece of timber thrown from a balcony during a standoff.

Victoria Police said in a statement: “The unpredictable and often violent side-effects of ice use means our officers are being regularly confronted with dangerous situations during the course of their duties.

“While our members accept inherent risks involved in protecting the community, it is not acceptable for anyone to be assaulted at work.”

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Source: www.news.com.au

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