Opinion: Don’t Advertise The ‘No Pursuit’ Policy

Fr. Kevin Dillon is St Mary’s parish priest in Geelong writes:

“(…) how should police respond if they see a quick U-turn by an approaching driver who observes the roadblock? Do they follow the car at a safe speed, hoping to pull it over, then test and perhaps apprehend the driver? And if the driver “steps on it”, do they pursue and increase their own speed — and if so, at what speed should they abandon the chase?

This week, a new policy regarding police pursuits was announced. News reports stated that police “must not initiate or continue a pursuit unless they believe that there is an urgent need to apprehend the vehicle occupant/s

While the reasoning behind the policy is plausible and very much focused on the safety of all, it may nonetheless create significant difficulties for the police “out there” day and night, in a wide variety of circumstances.

Drivers who wish to evade the police don’t deserve the comfort of knowing they can quietly drive above the speed limit and not be pursued.”

Read more in Geelong Advertiser.

Source: www.geelongadvertiser.com.au

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