Ipswich Mayor In Twitter ‘War’ With Police Minister Over Police Comms Staff

A public war of words has erupted between Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale and Queensland police minister Jo-Ann Miller over the government’s decision to close the Yamanto police communications centre.

The escalating spat played out over airwaves, through news sites and over social media on Wednesday, as more than 100 police officers protested the decision to relocate 27 police emergency communications job to a centralised Brisbane centre.

Frontline police believe the move will put lives at risk in the area, with the potential for local reference points to be misunderstood.

The decision to close the busy Yamanto communications centre has met widespread condemnation from senior rank and file police but has the support of their chief, Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart.

“It’s a fact of life that changes are inevitable in the way police do their jobs,” he said.

Ms Miller insisted she had not abandoned her electorate but that the decision to close the centre was in the best interests of the state.  

“We cannot have a situation whereby it is dangerous in Ipswich with this old technology,” she said.

However, the move does not have the support of her Labor colleague Jennifer Howard, the member for Ipswich.

“I know they believe they have made the right decision but as the member for Ipswich I feel it’s a decision detrimental to our community,” she said.

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