Hundred Years of Women In Policing: ‘Our Culture Has Changed Incredibly’

When Doreen Cruikshank joined the police in 1971, she wore a uniform dubbed the ‘air hostess dress’ and gave school lectures on road safety for the first 15 months.

She had never even heard of a policewoman while growing up in the town of Gilgandra.

But even in the 70s, the force offered equal pay for female officers, who were already standing their ground and paving the way for those to come.

As the NSW police celebrate 100 years of women in policing this year, they are turning their gaze to the few units where women are still excluded.

The Highway Patrol’s Motorcycle Response Unit has just one woman and the Tactical Operations Unit, who respond to high-risk situations like sieges, has no women.

Read more in SMH.


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