Fearless Officer Prevents Tragedy At Gold Coast Airport

Jeff Kremer heard someone yell “stop, stop”, then turned to see pandemonium break out at Gold Coast airport.

The former Victorian police officer was walking from the terminal at noon on Saturday when he saw a lone police officer running after a white sedan that was careering down the footpath as dozens of people dived out of the way.

“People were literally jumping for their lives,” Mr Kremer told AAP.

The driver braked and the pursuing officer, who is from NSW and was off duty, lunged through the car window, trying to snatch the keys.

He failed and the driver sped off again.

Mr Kremer said the car then suddenly reversed at the officer, who leapt of the way to avoid being hit.

“That officer had no fear, he just kept going,” Mr Kremer said.

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Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au

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