Domestic Violence: Former Police Officers Teaching Family Violence Survivors

These two self-described “crusty old ex-coppers” know a fair bit about managing risk and family violence.

They have scoured the houses and cars of frightened women for GPS trackers or hidden cameras, placed there secretly by abusive partners bent on following their every move.

They have beefed up security so that victims feel safe to live in their own homes.

New locks, security cameras and even secure internal rooms to offer a place of last resort.  

And Stephen Wilson and Steven Schultze have accompanied family violence victims to court appearances all over the state, helping them through the bewildering process of applying for an intervention order.

Stephen Wilson and Steven Schultze run Protective Services, Australia’s only risk-management and security company that specialises in helping family violence victims.

Read more in The Age.


Photo: Steven Schultze and Stephen Wilson run a company offering security for victims of family violence.

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