Crescent Heads Police Killings: Ceremony Mark Sacrifice Made By Senior Constables On Duty

It was supposed to be a routine domestic violence call, but what happened next not only tore apart two families but also stunned a NSW coastal town.

Senior Constables Robert Spears and Peter Addison made the ultimate sacrifice when they were killed in the line of duty while protecting the community of Crescent Head on the Mid North Coast from an armed gunman on July 9, 1995.

Today is the 20th anniversary of their deaths and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has presented National Police Service medals to the widows of the slain officers in honour of the pair’s heroism and diligence to duty.

The Daily Telegraph reported at that time that on the night on July 8, 1995, the officers had kissed their families goodbye and headed out for the late shift at Kempsey Police Station…

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