Creative Police Photography Contest Results

You have spoken and the results are in!

Earlier in July we have asked you to vote for the best and most creative photos involving WA Police. Western Australia’s Police stations were also asked to tag their photos with #creativecopspics to show off their creativity and skills, and compete with other WA Police stations in a fun and friendly contest.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

#1 – Pilbara Undercover (47 votes)

#2 – View From Wyndham Office (7 votes)

#3 – Ready For Duty (5 votes)

#4 – Dude, Where’s My Road? (3 votes) Editor’s Pick

#5 – Trekking Quokka (3 votes)

#6 – Warp 10, Constable Sulu (2 votes)

#7 – On The Hunt in Bayswater (1 vote) Editor’s Pick

Vote Tally

Photo Contest Vote Results
Photo Contest Vote Results

Thank you for your participation and your votes! Huge thanks to WA Police and WA’s tweeps for getting on board with this initiative to show WA policing in a new creative way, and kudos to Marty for starting this initiative in the first place.

The next contest will be announced shortly, this time without state or country restriction, but we’ll let you have a say on that too. You can start ‘tagging’ now, simply retweet and quote a great photo, mention us (@trueblueline) and add #creativecopspics hash tag.

We’ll have stricter rules for the next contest, namely that entries must be photos taken by officers themselves, as opposed to a third party contractor. Our aim is to show one of the many talents our WA police officers have.

The editorial team: Fiona, Mac, Steve, Pamela.

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