Court Protesters Support Alleged Whistleblower Officer

Supporters of a Gold Coast police officer stood down and charged with misconduct have gathered ahead of the man’s first court appearance.

A dozen people holding handmade signs and two printed banners are silently showing their support for Sergeant Rick Flori outside Southport Magistrates Court.

Sergeant Flori, 44, is facing one count of criminal misconduct in public office after allegedly leaking CCTV footage of colleagues assaulting a handcuffed man three years ago.

Members of the group are holding banners which read “Australia supports Sgt Rick Flori” while another handmade sign calls Sergeant Flori’s alleged actions “noble”.

Supporters yelled “go Rick” and “we’re here for you, keep ’em honest” as Flori walked into the courthouse.

The officers filmed carrying out the assault were subject to an internal police investigation, with two facing disciplinary action.

Read more in SMH.


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