Brisbane Communications Blackout Blocked Emergency Calls To Police

Critical communication lines were cut off Friday and Saturday resulting in a brief blackout at police headquarters in Brisbane.

Radios, phones and emergency calls were all cut off for 15 minutes from 12.40pm on Friday and again from 1.40pm for about 20 minutes on Saturday due to a faulty power switch in the building.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the outage caused “momentary power interruptions”.

“The Queensland Police Service has contingency plans in place in the event of power loss, including the use of backup power supplies with any 000 calls automatically diverted to other communication centres,” he said.

“These processes are in place within the police ­communication centres throughout Queensland. No issues relating to 000 calls have been reported as a result of outages on these two days.”

The blackout comes as emergency services prepare to move to an encrypted digital radio that can’t be intercepted by the public.

Read more in Gold Coast Bulletin.


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