Axe or Baseball Bat: Extremely Stressful Choices Between Emergency Family Violence Calls

One assailant was armed with a baseball bat. The other was wielding an axe. The two desperate phone calls concerning family violence came through to a police sergeant at a busy Melbourne station at the same time.

The sergeant didn’t have two divisional vans to send out and had an unenviable choice to make.

Choosing between emergency calls for which you haven’t enough officers is the stressful consequence for police of a rise in family violence.

Police and their union say officers are making choices like this almost every day when it comes to family violence situations.

A newly released survey conducted by The Victorian Police Association has found family violence now takes up an estimated 70 per cent of a frontline officer’s shift.

Read more in The Age.


Police officers are finding family violence “soul-destroying” and say they are not equipped to handle it. Photo: Jason South

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