Victoria Police Call for Family Violence Offender Register

Police have demanded sweeping new powers to counter the rise in domestic abuse, including a register of offenders that could be accessed by the public and the ability to issue intervention orders via mail or even social media, bypassing the need to go through the courts.

Victoria Police’s 47-page submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence outlines several changes they believe are required to address the needs of victims and fix holes in the system.

The register that police have urged the commission to consider is based on a model used in Britain. 

A person can access the register if they prove they are in a relationship with the individual whose record they are accessing, and agree to keep the information contained in the register confidential.

“The ‘right to ask’ applies to an individual who seeks information on any safety risks their partner may pose to themselves or to others (e.g. children),” the submission states.

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