SA Police Reveal 6388 Domestic Violence Reports In Just One Year

South Australian police have revealed for the first time that more than 6000 aggravated assaults reported each year relate to domestic violence.

Community leaders say the figures confirm their “worst fears” about the magnitude of the issue facing the community – and worry it is even more pervasive as domestic violence is often under-reported.

But they say naming the size of the problem will help raise awareness and spur on changes to attitudes and behaviours that must happen at the cultural, institutional and individual level.

SA Police figures show there were 6388 aggravated assaults which occurred in a domestic environment – 40 per cent of all aggravated assaults – in 2013-14. It represents a 2 per cent growth from the previous year, when there were 6223.

SA Police Commissioner Gary Burns said that since police had put a “major emphasis” on policing domestic violence in the past year the number of reported assaults had risen.

Status for Women Minister Gail Gago said there was no place for violence against women and their children in our society.

“These figures confirm our worst fears. Domestic violence is an extremely pervasive issue confronting Australian families and communities,” she said.

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