Mourning The Death Of Police K9 Accidentally Left In Hot Car

The Gulf Shores Police Department is mourning the death of one of its service dogs, a yellow lab named Mason. Local residents are also expressing their emotions over the story, in many cases sadness and anger over the way Mason died.

A Gulf Shores, Alabama police officer has been disciplined following the death of a police K9 that was left in a hot patrol car.
Gulf Shores officials said that on Thursday Corporal Josh Coleman accidentally left the dog, Mason, in the back of a patrol car.   Coleman realized he’d left Mason back there after about 45 minutes.
When Coleman got to the car, Mason was in distress and they rushed him to the vet. Mason passed away on Friday night.
Coleman has been disciplined, but specific details on the punishment have not been released. 

Official statement from the DA’s Office: 

“The District Attorney’s Office was contacted by Lt. Bill Cowan of the Gulf Shores Police Department on Saturday, June 20th, 2015, regarding the the death of a K-9 Officer.

Based on the preliminary information, the assistant district attorney agreed with Lt. Cowan that an arrest was not appropriate at that time.

The investigation is ongoing.  Once the investigation is complete, a Grand Jury will perform a review of the facts and determine if any criminal conduct has or has not occurred.”

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Ed: Rest in peace Mason.

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