Family Violence: RCMP Say Indigenous Women Are Still Overrepresented in Murder Statistics

Last year, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed there were nearly 1,200 cases of murdered and missing Aboriginal women over three decades. Police said Friday they have made progress in solving cases, but the numbers continue to grow.

Officials with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said that 11 more indigenous women have disappeared since its report in May of last year painted a disturbing picture for Canadians of an issue the RCMP calls “a national tragedy.”

And the murder rate for Aboriginal women continues to be disproportionately high, with 17 homicides in 2013 and 15 homicides in 2014.

“The update confirms that aboriginal women are most often killed by men in their own homes, in their own communities, and reconfirms the need to target prevention efforts towards family violence,” RCMP superintendent Tyler Bates told a news conference.

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