BPD Commish: More Officers Likely To Be Arrested, Forced Out As Result of Reforms

More Baltimore police officers likely face arrest as the result of reforms in a scandal-ridden department that requires “wholesale change,” Commissioner Anthony W. Batts wrote in a wide-ranging opinion piece published in The Baltimore Sun.

“Our reform efforts will very likely see more police officers arrested,” Batts wrote. “We will have more officers who are forced out because their outdated, outmoded views of policing do not match the standards the community expects and demands.”

Batts did not address the alleged slowdown in policing but focused on portraying his management of the department as having aggressively reformed an agency that the public viewed as “out of control” when he arrived.

“Many officers will be unhappy reading these words,” Batts wrote. “Many want me to outright defend the department and say nothing is wrong with the way this organization engages in police work. For the overwhelming majority that is true.

“However, when people go on television, wearing masks, allege themselves to be police officers and are cloaked in the shadows espousing their own indifference to violence as children are shot, I am troubled,” he said, referring to anonymous sources who have appeared on TV news shows in recent weeks. “This is not the Baltimore Police Department that I know.”

The police union has denied that there is a work slowdown.

Read more in Baltimore Sun.

Source: www.baltimoresun.com

Ed: keep throwing the babies out with the water. Get a grip, Batts, you are the part of problem, it’s unlikely you’ll win mayoral election – that’s your goal, right?

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