Opinion: It’s Time For A Crackdown On Drunk Pedestrians

If you drink and walk are you still a bloody idiot? There have been plenty of media campaigns and crackdowns to target drink-driving.

Each Monday in the Queensland Times, we name and shame people who front Ipswich Court after they are caught drunk behind the wheel, in an effort to deter people from committing the crime.

What about those though who endanger other people’s lives – and their own – by drunkenly walking through the streets after heavy boozing sessions?

On Page 2 of today’s paper, a man faced court for public drunkenness after he apparently lurched in front of a car while drunk and got hit.

When the drunken pedestrian was breath tested, he received a blood-alcohol reading of 0.32 – more than six times the legal limit if he were driving…

Source: www.qt.com.au

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